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Signs & Portents Roleplayer Magazine


Issue 35, Page 52: A Raven in the Roost. (Scenario by Bryan Steele)

Issue 36, Page 28: RuneQuest Variant Weapon Tables - Introducing Lethal Extreme or High Fantasy to RuneQuest. (Rules by Matthew Sprange)

Issue 36, Page 44: The Mad Druid. (Scenario by Tim Bancroft)

Issue 37, Page 46: Lesser Known Fauna and Flora - Some unusual plants and creatures for your RuneQuest game. (Source Material by Carl Walmsley)

Issue 38, Page 24: Enchanted Items - Magical treasures for your RuneQuest games, both intriguing and useful. (Source Material by Carl Walmsley)

Issue 38, Page 38: The Totally Random RuneQuest Character Generation Method. (Rules by Chris Longhurst)

Issue 39, Page 24: Rune Magic - A handful of helpful enchantments. (Source Material by Carl Walmsley)

Issue 40, Page 21: Arrows - A variety of historical and fantastical ammunition for archers. (Source Material by Carl Walmsley)

Issue 40, Page 41: Gloranthan Goodies - A selection of tools, oddities and curiosities that you may see in a Gloranthan marketplace. (Source Material by Bryan Steele)


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